New Manufacturing Jobs Boost the Texas Economy

800px-US_map-Gulf_Coast.svgSpring fishing is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is the land experiencing a rebirth, but the American economy is as well, and the Texas Gulf Coast is reaping the benefits.

For the first time in decades, the Gulf Coast is booming with manufacturing jobs. While cheap labor and supplies overseas have made it profitable to move jobs out of America, this process is finally beginning to reverse itself. Due to an influx of cheap natural gas in the region, it now actually makes more sense for business to keep their workers in the country.

One such business is Chevron Phillips Company, a chemical manufacturing company that is spending $5 billion to upgrade its facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. The CEO of Chevron, Peter Cella, explains that with a steady rise in the cost of natural gas, companies like his were unable to grow their profits by staying in the country. With costs down, Cella and his company are back in the United States after moving their operation to Dubai. Welcome back, Chevron!

Right now, there are workers from all over the world heading to the Gulf Coast. Texas is quickly becoming a booming hub for manufacturing jobs not only across the country, but also throughout the world. With this influx of people and money, there is bound to be more anglers and fishing opportunities in the area. If you have always wanted to visit the Texas Gulf Coast, there has never been a better time.

Manufacturing jobs are back. You can kick us down, but we’ll always get back up. After all, this is Texas! Soon, boats will be everywhere, dotting the waters like lone stars. Your ears will not escape the sounds of happy anglers. The hearty laughter is infectious. This spring will be a special one!

Whether you are moving here for work or you are just visiting the area, make sure you stop by to check out the fishing charters offered by Captain Charlie Paradoski. We have a variety of trip options that are perfect for everyone!


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Stay Clear of Radioactive Fish

It is important to keep an eye on the health of fish all over the world, as it could affect the ones in your own backyard.

The next time you are about to swallow a mouthful of tuna, you might want to think again. Recently, researchers at Stanford University have released the results of a study regarding tuna found off the coast of California. They determined that 100% of the fish they tested had traces of Cesium in them. Cesium is a harmful radioactive toxin, and the fish were affected due to the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown across the ocean in Japan.

While Cesium won’t make you drop dead after one bite of tuna, it would be wise to stop consuming this type of fish and others caught in the Pacific Ocean. Currently it is unclear which, if any, other types of fish have been contaminated. The Japanese government has already banned the sale and exportation of fish caught off the coast of Fukushima, but it appears the problem reaches much farther than their borders.

The next time you plan a fishing trip, make sure you head to an area with clean and healthy fish. The last thing you want to do is expose yourself or your family to radiation poisoning when you’re just trying to catch dinner. At Matagorda Bay, you can always bet on finding healthy fish of all varieties. For more information about fishing trips in the area, contact Captain Charlie Paradoski today!

Captain Charlie


Fishing history: why the Texas Gulf Coast is ideal

Matagorda Bay La Salle's ship

Theodore Gudin’s painting of La Salle’s entrance into Matagorda Bay

Unbeknownst to some people, the Texas Gulf Coast is one of the best fishing destinations not only throughout the country, but also in the entire world. The coast is hundreds of miles long, with every mile filled with amazing fishing opportunities. Not only that, but the area is brimming with American history. Heck, you can fish for interesting bits of history! Bring your son or daughter and experience Matagorda Bay’s watery textbook!

French explorer La Salle established Fort St. Louis. The bay was important in the development of Texas, especially with the port of Linnville, which was destroyed by the Comanches. Matagorda Bay played a vital role in the Civil War. Bays were strategic commodities and control of Matagorda shifted back and forth between the Union and the Confederacy throughout the war.

No matter what time of year it is, you will find an abundance of fish and history along the coast and in deeper waters around Texas. Just some of the fish you might encounter include Flounder, Croaker, Bull Reds, Redfish, and Whiting. You may even encounter Kingfish, Snappers, and Sharks once your fishing charter heads further offshore.

Because of the warm weather year round, there is never a bad time to go on a fishing charter trip and explore some history in the Texas area. The waters around Texas have one of the largest varieties of fish that you will ever find. From trout to hammerhead sharks, you will have the chance to catch it all in Texas.

If a Texas fishing charter trip sounds like it might be your thing, Captain Charlie Paradoski would love to be your guide. Come learn the ins and outs of fishing along the Texas Gulf Coast by signing up for an unforgettable fishing charter trip today!

Capt. Charlie

*Image reproduced in From a Watery Grave: The Discovery and Excavation of La Salle’s Shipwreck, ‘La Belle’, by James E. Bruseth and Toni S. Turner, Texas A&M University Press, 2005

Manifest Matagorda Destiny

January sure kept us busy, especially the last week.  We packed in many fishing trips and pulled in some great hauls to close out the month.  There were always plenty of boats out and the enthusiasm was palpable.

On Jan. 27 and 28, we took some Arkansan anglers out onto the calm waters and caught many redfish, among other fish.  They are sure to go back to Magnolia with fond Matagorda memories and relaxed demeanor.

That is the thing about fishing.  It is not all about what you pull in, it is so much more.  Fishing is a bonding experience between friends.  Many friends and coworkers book trips with us.  Fishing is also a bonding experience between yourself and the world around you.  More importantly, perhaps, is that fishing is simply a healthy and physical activity.  You use your arms, legs and body, and so you burn calories.

There is no pressure when it comes to fishing.  Although it is nice to haul in some catches, our survival is not dependent on it.  We can sit back, relax, and let the sun and breeze circle around us like positive vultures.  The sun is good for the skin.  The air is good for the lungs.  From top to bottom, fishing improves one’s health.  You really cannot beat it.  While fishing’s physical benefits are apparent, there are spiritual and mental benefits as well.

Manifest Matagorda Destiny

Daniel Boone

For many, a fishing trip is the only way to experience an American adventure.  To channel that Manifest Destiny spirit, you have to get in a boat and go out to sea.  To appreciate America, you have to get away from America – away from work, smartphones, email, and gridlocks.  It is as American as Texas High School football or, as Hubert H. Humphrey put it, “There is in every American, I think, something of the old Daniel Boone – who, when he could see the smoke from another chimney, felt himself too crowded and moved further out into the wilderness.”

We cannot move further out into the wilderness, but we can go fishing.  Whenever you feel yourself too crowded, book a fishing trip.  I guarantee it will uncrowd you.  Unleash your inner Daniel Boone; it is good for the soul and freeing for the mind.  Let Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters, the best Gulf Coast fishing charters in the business, help you!  Daniel Boone would!

-Capt. Charlie

*Image courtesy of Massachusetts Historical Society

Teach your children how to fish

Ambitious anglers from every corner of this great nation flock to Matagorda Bay to do battle with redfish.  This month is no different.  The redfish have been numerous – ghosting on the edge of the coast, meandering at the mouths of drains.  It has been a busy time.  It has been an honor taking these nice folks out on the refreshing gulf waters and a great way to start the New Year.  You know what is also nice?  Watching children do battle with redfish.  At Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters, we love teaching children how to fish.  It is a joy watching them, especially when they make their first catch!

Currently, there are many people pushing for aquaculture centers that would teach children the joys and benefits of fishing.  One such center may be set up in Florida.  The Fishing & Aquaculture Center would utilize the former Indian River Plantation water services building.  In the article “Fishing, aquaculture, ecology spotlighted by new center”, Ed Killer of the TC Palm writes, “Once in place, parents will have a place to learn how to fish with their children.  And in the process, they also will have a chance to learn a lot more about the fish that live in and make Florida’s waters special and unique.” Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

For many families, fishing is a tradition that bonds parent and child.  Such a center would spread that tradition to more families, all while teaching everyone about the thrilling watery world.  These centers would do well in areas all over the country, such as Matagorda Bay.  What do you think?

For more information on the possible center, please look here.


Spawn ahead, fall back

The holiday season certainly kept us busy.  Between Christmas, New Year’s, and fishing trips – it was go, go, go!

In Matagorda, officials discovered a 43-foot whale was dead on the beach.  It weighed 5 tons!  Can you believe that?  The sea has many secrets.  Sometimes it spills those secrets onto the shore.  It was a sad sight, to say the least.  No creature, man or beast, deserves to go out like that – a cold beach in the cruel moonlight.  Imagine though, catching a 43-foot whale.  Now that would be a story to tell the grandkids.  Thankfully, we set our sights on lesser behemoths – speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

Captain Charlie Paradoski

Spawn ahead, fall back

Yes, spring fishing is fast approaching.  Many people are already calling us and booking trips for March and April.  Will you?  Spring is the time that excited anglers go after speckled trout.  For many anglers, speckled trout are the jewels of the sea, to chase after and cherish.  The waters are full of them.  They typically begin their spawning period in March.  You can follow them as the speckled trout migrate and prepare for one of nature’s miracles.  What a way to welcome in the spring!

Wade fishing or drift fishing, anyone?


*Image courtesy of Peter Griffin

In the New Year, pursue happiness with Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters

Did you know that fishing is a great way to deal with stress?

Christmas is four days away!  A week later, New Year’s will hit.  The excitement can certainly take a toll on you.  Gift giving is stressful, let alone planning to see friends and family.  Given the state of the economy and the effects of the recent recession, this year’s holiday season seems more stressful than ever.  I can empathize.

It seems that this country’s motto should be “life, liberty, and the pursuit of stress.”  At Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters, we feel you need a little happiness in your life.  Come pursue it with us, on the outstanding waters of the Matagorda, Texas bays, and do some Gulf Coast fishing!

Do you feel the need to get away from it all, to sit on a slow-rocking boat and feel the sun on your face?  I know I do!  It’s nice to get that much-needed break from life.  Kick off your boots, lean back, crack open a beer, and begin to fish.  Trout and Reds are waiting for you!  They’ll practically come to you.  De-stress with Matagorda Bay Trout fishing!

Studies have shown (as well as my own experiences) that fishing reduces stress.  Matagorda watersIn the New Year, pursue happiness with Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters can calm a man and the winds that sweep in from the Gulf will ease your troubles for a bit.  2012 has been a stressful year for us and the country as a whole.  Let’s pursue happiness, the way the Founding Fathers wanted, and make 2013 a relaxing year.  Start by booking a trip with Matagorda Bay Charters for the New Year!


*image courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

Obtaining a Fishing License in Texas

 Texas Fishing License Information

For anyone looking to fish in the waters inland and off the coast of Texas, whether freshwater or saltwater, there are guidelines and restrictions to follow and a fishing license is required. To help fellow anglers retain a license and learn when and why the state requires one, we have put together this handy post.

First, you must understand that “A valid fishing license with a freshwater or saltwater stamp endorsement is required to take fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or other aquatic life in the public waters of Texas.” ** [Texas Parks and Wildlife website –]

If you have a freshwater pond or lake on your private property, you do not need a fishing license. If public water coincides with your private property, you will need a valid fishing license.

Texas named the first Sunday in June of each year “Free Fishing Day”. While fishing on that day, no one is required to obtain a fishing license or saltwater stamp endorsement. If fishing in public waters, all Texas residents must obtain a fishing license for public waters. These are the following exceptions:

  • Kids under seventeen
  • Anyone born before 1931
  • Anyone fishing at a Texas State Park
  • Mentally disabled persons with supervision.

Texas has many State Parks surrounded by water. For visitors to the park, you do not need to obtain a fishing license as long as you are fishing on park property. In circumstances where having a fishing license is not a requirement, such as on State Park property, fish size and daily bag limits apply.

You can apply for a one day fishing license, year round license, or you can purchase a non-resident or fishing license package. Prices and additional information is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website –

Things to keep in mind while Fishing for Specks

Speckled trout are a beautiful fish and very fun to fish for. But, just like every species, specks have things they like and don’t like. So, you’ll need to approach them a bit differently than you would approach others.

For example, specks really like shrimp and small fish. While lures can work and many have success, your best bet is to stick with shrimp and small fish as bait. The bigger the bait, the better chance you’ll have at a bigger trout. But, keep in mind, specks only get so big, so don’t throw a huge fish on the line and expect to hook a mammoth trout!

You’ll also want to look out for a few things to spot the specks. If you see a lot of bait fish swimming around an area, there’s a good chance that the specks will be looking at them too. So, cast into those areas and you might end up hooking a nice big speck!

Another thing to look for is diving birds. Depending on the bird size, they could even be going for the catch that you want! So, keep an eye out for them and get to the speckled trout before they do!

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be sure to have fun fishing for speckled trout on Matagorda Bay!

3 Interesting Things About Matagorda Bay

You probably know Matagorda Bay as your favorite fishing location – a place to enjoy all of the excitment, adventure and even relaxation that fishing has to offer. So, here’s a few things that you may not know about Matagorda Bay:

1 – It’s an Estuary – Well, if you don’t know what this is, it”s basically a place where a fresh river meets a salt water source. This is the cusp where two ecosystems collide, where sediment and the ocean base meet and where life flourishes because of  abundant nutrients.

2 – Incredible Wildlife – As I just said, the great nutrients of this estuary allow for an abundance of wildlife, especially aquatic life. However, the aquatic life allows for more birds and land animals. In fact, at one point there were more bird species recorded in Matagorda Bay than anywhere else in America.

3 – Rich History – Matagorda Bay has a long and interesting history, dating back to the time before Europeans discovered the “New World.” This history makes for a distinct culture, that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, made up of diverse Native tribes and a plethora of European settlers.