Things to keep in mind while Fishing for Specks

Speckled trout are a beautiful fish and very fun to fish for. But, just like every species, specks have things they like and don’t like. So, you’ll need to approach them a bit differently than you would approach others.

For example, specks really like shrimp and small fish. While lures can work and many have success, your best bet is to stick with shrimp and small fish as bait. The bigger the bait, the better chance you’ll have at a bigger trout. But, keep in mind, specks only get so big, so don’t throw a huge fish on the line and expect to hook a mammoth trout!

You’ll also want to look out for a few things to spot the specks. If you see a lot of bait fish swimming around an area, there’s a good chance that the specks will be looking at them too. So, cast into those areas and you might end up hooking a nice big speck!

Another thing to look for is diving birds. Depending on the bird size, they could even be going for the catch that you want! So, keep an eye out for them and get to the speckled trout before they do!

Keep these things in mind and you’ll be sure to have fun fishing for speckled trout on Matagorda Bay!