Obtaining a Fishing License in Texas

 Texas Fishing License Information

For anyone looking to fish in the waters inland and off the coast of Texas, whether freshwater or saltwater, there are guidelines and restrictions to follow and a fishing license is required. To help fellow anglers retain a license and learn when and why the state requires one, we have put together this handy post.

First, you must understand that “A valid fishing license with a freshwater or saltwater stamp endorsement is required to take fish, mussels, clams, crayfish or other aquatic life in the public waters of Texas.” ** [Texas Parks and Wildlife website – http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/regulations/fish_hunt/licenses/fish_licenses/]

If you have a freshwater pond or lake on your private property, you do not need a fishing license. If public water coincides with your private property, you will need a valid fishing license.

Texas named the first Sunday in June of each year “Free Fishing Day”. While fishing on that day, no one is required to obtain a fishing license or saltwater stamp endorsement. If fishing in public waters, all Texas residents must obtain a fishing license for public waters. These are the following exceptions:

  • Kids under seventeen
  • Anyone born before 1931
  • Anyone fishing at a Texas State Park
  • Mentally disabled persons with supervision.

Texas has many State Parks surrounded by water. For visitors to the park, you do not need to obtain a fishing license as long as you are fishing on park property. In circumstances where having a fishing license is not a requirement, such as on State Park property, fish size and daily bag limits apply.

You can apply for a one day fishing license, year round license, or you can purchase a non-resident or fishing license package. Prices and additional information is available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website – http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/regulations/fish_hunt/licenses/fish_licenses/

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