Spawn ahead, fall back

The holiday season certainly kept us busy.  Between Christmas, New Year’s, and fishing trips – it was go, go, go!

In Matagorda, officials discovered a 43-foot whale was dead on the beach.  It weighed 5 tons!  Can you believe that?  The sea has many secrets.  Sometimes it spills those secrets onto the shore.  It was a sad sight, to say the least.  No creature, man or beast, deserves to go out like that – a cold beach in the cruel moonlight.  Imagine though, catching a 43-foot whale.  Now that would be a story to tell the grandkids.  Thankfully, we set our sights on lesser behemoths – speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.

Captain Charlie Paradoski

Spawn ahead, fall back

Yes, spring fishing is fast approaching.  Many people are already calling us and booking trips for March and April.  Will you?  Spring is the time that excited anglers go after speckled trout.  For many anglers, speckled trout are the jewels of the sea, to chase after and cherish.  The waters are full of them.  They typically begin their spawning period in March.  You can follow them as the speckled trout migrate and prepare for one of nature’s miracles.  What a way to welcome in the spring!

Wade fishing or drift fishing, anyone?


*Image courtesy of Peter Griffin

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