Teach your children how to fish

Ambitious anglers from every corner of this great nation flock to Matagorda Bay to do battle with redfish.  This month is no different.  The redfish have been numerous – ghosting on the edge of the coast, meandering at the mouths of drains.  It has been a busy time.  It has been an honor taking these nice folks out on the refreshing gulf waters and a great way to start the New Year.  You know what is also nice?  Watching children do battle with redfish.  At Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters, we love teaching children how to fish.  It is a joy watching them, especially when they make their first catch!

Currently, there are many people pushing for aquaculture centers that would teach children the joys and benefits of fishing.  One such center may be set up in Florida.  The Fishing & Aquaculture Center would utilize the former Indian River Plantation water services building.  In the article “Fishing, aquaculture, ecology spotlighted by new center”, Ed Killer of the TC Palm writes, “Once in place, parents will have a place to learn how to fish with their children.  And in the process, they also will have a chance to learn a lot more about the fish that live in and make Florida’s waters special and unique.” Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

For many families, fishing is a tradition that bonds parent and child.  Such a center would spread that tradition to more families, all while teaching everyone about the thrilling watery world.  These centers would do well in areas all over the country, such as Matagorda Bay.  What do you think?

For more information on the possible center, please look here.