In the New Year, pursue happiness with Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters

Did you know that fishing is a great way to deal with stress?

Christmas is four days away!  A week later, New Year’s will hit.  The excitement can certainly take a toll on you.  Gift giving is stressful, let alone planning to see friends and family.  Given the state of the economy and the effects of the recent recession, this year’s holiday season seems more stressful than ever.  I can empathize.

It seems that this country’s motto should be “life, liberty, and the pursuit of stress.”  At Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters, we feel you need a little happiness in your life.  Come pursue it with us, on the outstanding waters of the Matagorda, Texas bays, and do some Gulf Coast fishing!

Do you feel the need to get away from it all, to sit on a slow-rocking boat and feel the sun on your face?  I know I do!  It’s nice to get that much-needed break from life.  Kick off your boots, lean back, crack open a beer, and begin to fish.  Trout and Reds are waiting for you!  They’ll practically come to you.  De-stress with Matagorda Bay Trout fishing!

Studies have shown (as well as my own experiences) that fishing reduces stress.  Matagorda watersIn the New Year, pursue happiness with Matagorda Bay Fishing Charters can calm a man and the winds that sweep in from the Gulf will ease your troubles for a bit.  2012 has been a stressful year for us and the country as a whole.  Let’s pursue happiness, the way the Founding Fathers wanted, and make 2013 a relaxing year.  Start by booking a trip with Matagorda Bay Charters for the New Year!


*image courtesy of Petr Kratochvil

Welcome to Captain Paradoski’s Blog!

We would like to extend a very excited welcome to the new Captain Charlie Paradoski fishing blog! All of those looking for an incredible saltwater fishing experience on the Gulf Coast need to look no further!

For years, Charlie Paradoski has provided travelers with the Gulf Coast fishing experience of a lifetime. He’s a captain and fishing guide with the “know-how” to help you achieve a day of fishing like no other! Take a look at Charlie’s fishing reports and you’ll see how you’ll be able to bring in more fish than you probably thought possible. And, if that’s not enough, take a look at his resume. He’s come in first place in plenty of tournaments and placed in others. You can trust his instincts and knowledge of the Matagorda Bay system to find the trout and redfish that you want!

So, keep checking in on this blog for updated on Texas Gulf Coast fishing. If you will be in the area, contact Captain Charlie and set up a fishing excursion to make your trip one to remember!